Randy Joseph

“We could not have done it without Seminole Financial Services. When the financial and political winds changed in late 2009, we were left holding the bag as lenders retreated from renewable energy projects. I began a search for a construction lender and contacted well over 100 institutions and investors, however I found none of them truly had experience in wind construction financing. What we realized was that potential lenders did not know how to value the project, could not verify the estimated numbers, and therefore could not get to the level of comfort needed for them to loan to the project. Seminole made the difference with their experience, in both construction lending and community wind projects. Seminole did not just sit in an office and look at the paperwork; they traveled to the site, met with the project team in Europe and verified that Lime Wind is a solid community wind project. Seminole stands alone in community wind construction financing – in addition, they are affordable and are great people to work with.”

Seminole is in the “Relationship Business”. We are committed to exceeding the industry’s highest levels of professional and ethical standards while delivering our services in a personal, family-like manner.